The Fourth Annual Jack Canfield Memorial Three Hour Enduro will take place October 10 at AMP. Each year we have this event it gets better with more cars, more drivers, more racing and more fun. Like we had last year, the League of Legends are back with a points race to draw in more drivers and spectators. Nobody could forget the sight and feeling in the paddock last year with over 40 cars and hundreds of spectators. This year promises even more of that.

Everything else stays the same. Same $100 entry fee. Same pot luck lunch and a chance to gab with other racers. Same seemingly never-ending three hour race and all the passing and dicing you could ever want.

Get the car put back together and set up for the best race event of the year. The title of "King of Enduros" is up for grabs with Garnet not being able to come out this year. Dino has provided the 1st place trophy in the hope he will be able to take it home instead of the second place trophy from the last three years. Eugene's Vette will be back and extra effort has been expended to see if it will last the entire race. Paul's Corvair is almost ready to lead the pack into turn 1. Ward is rumoured to be bringing the TR8 out of the barn again.

It doesn't get better than this..... see you there.