Please pre-register for this event using the following form: Pre-Registration Form
Registration will also be available in person, on-site the day of the event, but the registrar reserves the right to be cranky about it, and might give you a cookie if all you have to do is sign the form rather than fill out all the paperwork.

You will require a prepared and scrutineered to ARMS GCR rules race car to compete. You will also need all the safety gear, like helmets, HANS device and driving suit, required by ARMS rules to drive. Read the ARMS GCR if you have not already.

You will require a current race license or have held a race license sometime in the last three years. If you are unsure of your eligibility, or maybe not had a chance to race in the last three years, ask the Race Director or Chief Steward prior to the day and a determination will be made. If you do not hold a 2018 Race license but are otherwise eligible, you may pay a one-day fee of $37.50 ($20 if you are already a club member) to obtain a single-event license . You will require a current medical to do so. (Please see the ARMS GCR and reference your age for how recent your medical must be to be current.)

$100 per car. Any number of drivers may drive the car during the race. Please make cheques out to Atlantic Region Motor Sports or PayPal $103.20 (entry fee + PayPal fees) to